Coffee & Pastries


French Creamy

Vanilla Custard and a layer of whipped cream between two sheets of puff pastry

dusted with powdered sugar.

Layers of white sponge cake, whipped chocolate hazelnut mousse, and puff pastry.


All pastries, from breakfast croissants to dessert cakes, are made in-house daily.

Selections vary, but here are some of our specialties:

Delicate puff pastry stuffed with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate

Dark espresso brownie crust layered with our traditional vanilla cheesecake and topped with a rich chocolate mousse made from Godiva liquor.

Sponge cake layered with lemon custard, topped with a raspberry glaze.

Lemon Bavarian

Espresso Godiva Cheesecake

Hazelnut Napoleon


Gluten Free

​Lady fingers soaked in espresso, layered in mascarpone cheese and dusted with cocoa.